Guide to Great Portraits

Expert advice from a professional photographer on how to achieve great portraits.

First Things First

Arrive well-rested and well hydrated for the shoot. Feeling good means looking good. This applies to everyone participating in the shoot. ​

Arrive with clean hair and clean skin. Avoid excessive make up except as warranted by the theme of your shoot.

Be prepared to enjoy the experience and learn a few new posing techniques to look your absolute best.

Wardrobe Choices

Wear clothes that fit you well and you feel good in. Slightly snug is better than baggy or loose. Make sure you arrive with your garments steamed or ironed as necessary. Wrinkles in clothes are not flattering. ​ Bring many options! We can work on a combination of looks if you bring a greater number of options. We may vary the background as necessary so it’s better to have different color combinations with you. ​ Avoid clothing with shoulder pads or other padded material. Avoid wearing branded tops or outfits with noticeable logos, unless it is for that specific purpose. ​ If you have or were provided with a mood board, please send it to me in advance and try to mimic the clothes worn by the models on the mood board. I can help you with your choices if you send them to me in advance but the best outfits are the ones you have with you. ​ Wear appropriate jewelry but avoid excessive accessories. We can mix and match what you bring as needed.

Hair and Make Up

As noted above, avoid excessive make up unless the shoot warrants it. If you plan on wearing lipstick, bring it with you (or multiple options) so you can touch up as needed. ​ Your hair should be done the way you want it before arriving. Of course, you can fix it when you arrive but we want to spend the majority of your time shooting and trying different looks, not getting ready. If you chose an option to have a hair and make up artist in the session, we will coordinate sufficient time for preparation and the shooting session.

What Can I Expect?

Once your session has been booked with me, you are starting your journey to a photography session focused on you and your brand. It’s a private session with no real time limit so you can feel comfortable that you won’t be rushed. At the same time, I respect that your time is valuable so your private session will be as efficient as possible.

I’ll provide you with constant coaching as needed, including wardrobe advice. I’ve got plenty of experience working with single models and multiple models and families so we can create a fun atmosphere that will create genuine expressions. ​

Once we are done, we can sit down, have a coffee or refreshment and look over the images so that you can choose some images that you want want to purchase. Alternatively, you will have an option to purchase a proofing gallery that you can view at your own leisure and place an order for as many images as you like online. Of course, I’m always available for consultation but be aware, that I do not retain all images indefinitely, so being efficient in making your choices is key. All images not purchased will be deleted as they take up valuable space. ​

If you have questions, you can always call me or schedule a phone consultation in the booking tab.

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