Life behind the lens

Anyone can be interested in photography. Virtually all of us are photographers in our own way, even if it means documenting your daily life on a smart phone. You may not realize it, but every time you snap a photo, you are documenting a point in your life. It may be what you ate at […]

Kickstart and Advance your Career with a Professional Headshot

While there’s a lot that goes into a successful career, sometimes it’s the details that matter most. For instance, a professional headshot is the first impression you make on potential employers and can be the deciding factor in whether or not you get the job. Quality professional headshot photography can help you stand out in […]

“I’m not photogenic”

I still hate having my photo taken in any capacity. It’s not fun, it’s not comfortable, and it doesn’t feel natural. The good news is, neither do many of my clients, until they experience a photo session with me. I’m a facial expression strategist. My expert training and coaching will generate a genuine expression that […]

Headshots are Expensive

Well that depends on what “expensive” means to you and what value you are putting on your individual headshot. What is your headshot for? How will you use it? Some client say they just need to update their headshot for LinkedIn or social media. That may be the case; however, think of the exposure you […]

Guide to Great Portraits

Expert advice from a professional photographer on how to achieve great portraits. First Things First Arrive well-rested and well hydrated for the shoot. Feeling good means looking good. This applies to everyone participating in the shoot. ​ Arrive with clean hair and clean skin. Avoid excessive make up except as warranted by the theme of […]

Not comfortable in front of a camera?

Not many people are, but let me assure you this session will be like none other you have experienced. Headshots and Portraits can be scary, particularly when the person taking the photo is a complete stranger to you. I will provide you with coaching along the way. Eyes can show confidence. Your mouth can show […]

Guide to Great Headshots

Expert advice from a professional photographer on how to achieve great headshots. First Things First Arrive well-rested and hydrated for your shoot. Feeling good means looking good. Arrive with clean hair and skin – no excessive make up. If you wear eyeglasses, plan to wear them for the photo. Ideally, they have a non-glare coating; […]

Photography in Manhattan

I moved to Manhattan in 2018 with my family from Toronto, Ontario. Outdoor portrait and in-studio photography can be accomplished everywhere in Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs. Whether you’re interested in Street Photography, Fashion or Landscape, this city has it all waiting for you. I personally have grown to love portrait and fashion photography and […]